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If you are experiencing the harmful effects as side effects of using vaginal mesh implants, you deserve compensation for your injuries. Some of this compensation covers your out-of-pocket costs, pain and suffering, lost wages and injuries. You should not expect the mesh implant manufacturer to cover your expenses resulting from the use of these devices. Consult our expert virginal mesh implant attorneys to learn how you can get compensation for your pain and suffering today.

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Why some vaginal mesh products are dangerous to women

Vaginal mesh or surgical mesh is an implant that doctors use to support women’s pelvic organs. The use of the vaginal mesh first came into the limelight in 1970 to treat conditions such as pelvic prolapse (POP) – a condition where by a women’s pelvic organs fell into or through the vagina. It also applied in treatment of a condition known as Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI) in which there was involuntary leakage of urine.
Our expert team of highly trained vaginal mesh attorneys represent women injured as a result of defective transvaginal mesh used for pelvic treatment (pelvic prolapse and urinary incontinence). Due to the long-term health risks involved in the use of these products, the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) recalls most of manufacturers mesh products to save lives of the victims. Our professional lawyers represent victims affected by such defective devices in order to secure compensation for their pain and suffering.

The problem with vaginal mesh implants

Transvaginal mesh lawsuits and product liability law

The increasing number of complications caused by the vaginal mesh has increasingly led to thousands of victims filing vaginal mesh lawsuits. The lawmakers consolidate most of these cases into multidistrict litigation matters in federal courts and after completion of pretrial hearings; they transfer them to original courts for individual hearing.
As a requirement by the law, product manufacturers have the mandate to warn consumers of any unexpected dangers associated with their products. When they provide inadequate warning, and the consumer receives injuries from using the product, then the manufacturer is liable for providing defective warnings. In many transvaginal mesh cases, the plaintiff argue that the manufacturer erred by failing to provide warning about the possibility of mesh erosion.
Thousands of these cases still lie pending in various courts of law filed by clients who have a bone to pick with the vaginal mesh manufacturers company. Manufacturers have legal obligations to ensure that their products are harmless to their client failure to which they would be liable for injuries caused to the client.
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If afflicted by vaginal mesh defects, you deserve the right to seek compensations for the injuries caused. When a jury rules in favor of the injured patient, the product manufacturers become liable to damages, which include lost earnings, pain and suffering, medical expenses and much more defects that was because of the transvaginal mesh defects.
If you are a victim of vaginal mesh defects, consult with us for the best possible way of handling your case. We can help you file a vaginal mesh lawsuit to seek compensation for the afflicted injuries. Our expert lawyers have enough experience to win this kind of case for you. Call us now!